About Us

What is Postpartum Confinement?

Following childbirth, postpartum confinement is a traditional postnatal practice intended to help mothers in recovering and recuperate from the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth. Those who follow these traditions usually begin immediately after childbirth, and confinement lasts from between 28 to 42 days, depending on the culture. It is important for moms to recover as well as care for and bond with their newborns during this period of recuperation.

Our Concept

Joyful Month combines both traditional and modern medical science methods of confinement to take care of your bundle of joy and your total well-being. We aim to create a warm, unwinding, and relaxing home-like environment for your postpartum recovery and rejuvenation. Our Teams will provide professional services and knowledge to help new parents in handling their new family members and their own health better. Your little family will definitely be able to experience the professionalism and warm hospitality of our lovely team.

Our Mission

As a woman, going thru the moment of Pregnancy is the most wonderful time being in our life. But when we come to childbirth, this is both the most difficult and the most important moment in our life. That is why we Joyful Month wishes to take care of our clients from pregnancy through postnatal, we will help and guide you through the first chapter of your Parenthood chapter. Our essence and mission are to care for and appreciate every amazing mother out there who deserves to live a fantasy life, especially during the confinement moment. Joyful Month will be there for you throughout the way towards parenthood.

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