Our Services

Cozy Accommodation

Mommy stays in a private suite, attached bathroom, Queen Size bed, personal dining table, and exclusive TV programs to spend in this golden postpartum physical and mental reconditioning period.

Classes & Activities

Classes and activities will be held regularly to help new parents to gain knowledge in handling their new family members and their health better. Classes such as Yoga classes will also be held to help for body recovery.

Professional Mom Care

Mommy will be guided through breastfeeding training and support with ease in a cozy ambiance. Postnatal medicated herbal baths are provided to the mommy to provide a relaxing way for healing and comfort.

Professional Baby Care

24 hours care by our qualified nanny including daily input and output monitoring, weekly weight measurement of the baby to ensure the newborn’s health and growth progress. Our nursery room is under surveillance by smart CCTV.

Meal By Certified Nutritionists

Delicious confinement meals are planned by nutritionists in conjunction with our TCM doctor carefully prepared by our professional chef. using high-quality sulfite-free herbs and fresh ingredients

Herbal Tonic & Confinement Tea

Our customized Herbal Tonic & Confinement Tea are designed according to the 4 phases of confinement care (Detoxifying, Reconditioning, Nourishing, Build & Maintain) to help your body to recuperate.

Regular Cleaning & Disinfection

Regular housekeeping, laundry, and disinfection services enable mummy and your little one to have a safe, clean and comfortable space.

24 hour Security Systems

Our center is located in a tightly gated and guarded community, and we've provided the center with 24-hour CCTV and a security access system in our nursery room to secure your and your little one's safety.